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Get to know the #1 software for polyclinics and medical practices

Simple, flexible and powerful software for private polyclinics and surgeries, your way. The platform allows you to conduct virtual consultations and examinations in the office, schedule diagnostic tests and examinations, automate billing, reports and much more.

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BigDot is the only telehealth platform on the Croatian market.

BigDot platform graph
BigDot platform graph

Cloud software solution

BigDot SaaS CRM telehealth is a platform for improving health care through video or face-to-face consultations, calls, and messages. It is the perfect solution for clinics, polyclinics, hospitals, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, the health system, and professional organizations that want to introduce medical consulting to their businesses (insurance companies, pharmacies, veterinary practices, and hotels - healthcare & assistance).

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Take advantage of digitization

Better quality of work, greater reach, higher income, more patients.

BigDot - jednostavno sučelje

simple interface

BigDot - naplata


BigDot - analitika u grafovima


BigDot - vaš logo i brand

your logo and brand

BigDot - sigurnost podataka

data security

BigDot - zakazivanje termina

appointment scheduling

BigDot - e-dokumenti slanje nalaza

e-medical documents

BigDot - naručivanje - dijagnostika

ordering - diagnostics

BigDot - vlastiti marketing

your own marketing

BigDot - Vaši modeli cijena

Your price models

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How to increase your income?

Be available to patients regardless of the time of the day or their location.

Offer video consultations, calls, and written consultations with health professionals, and quickly generate additional income.

Define the prices of online consultations yourself, and create your own subscription models and service packages.

BigDot income by - video call

Video consultations

BigDot income by - call


BigDot income by - written inquiry

Written inquiries

BigDot income by - in person visit

Examination in the office

BigDot income by - subscription

Subscription models

BigDot income by - special offers

Special offers

BigDot income by - analitics



Quick access from any device

Easy setup, no installations, no downloads.

Get up and running today with simple, free enrollment. Launch secure video visits fast from your web browser, no software or app downloads required.

No app download required

BigDot - Brzi pristup s bilo kojeg uređaja
BigDot - sigurnost podataka

Data security at bank level

We have the highest security standards. All data is protected and encrypted (Tier 3), as well as compliant with GDPR data privacy requirements.

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BigDot® my partner

BigDot is the first and only telehealth platform in Croatia

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Do you want to offer more to your patients?

Our platform integrates into your existing system within just 24 hours.

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Do you have some additional questions?

BigDot Saas CRM telehealth is a cloud solution for clinics, polyclinics, hospitals, and health systems, but also professional organizations that want to introduce medical consulting into their businesses (such as hotels or veterinary practices).

The platform is safe to use, with all data encrypted both at rest and in transit. Security is at bank level and the data is monitored 24 hours a day.

Yes. You can change the prices of consultations (videos, calls, and messages), subscription models, and service packages at any time in the admin console. You can create subscription models and service packages according to your own way of doing business.

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