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BigDot is the only telehealth platform on the Croatian market.

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Everything in one place

An end-to-end solution for your business. From online consultations, and scheduling face-to-face appointments or diagnostic examinations, to simple billing and insightful analytics that can enhance your business.

BigDot platform - all in one place

It is like using your own platform

We want every tool you use to promote and strengthen your own brand.

Our white-label software can be completely branded as your own. Use your logo, your brand colors, and a personalized subdomain to make your patients feel comfortable using the app.

Place your partners' ads within the application and secure additional earnings.

BigDot - proširite svoj branding

Set your prices and availability

In addition to defining the prices of online consultations, you can create your own subscription models. Choose the combination of consultations in each subscription model, as well as the price.

Create service packages according to the needs and wishes of your patients (basic package, for her, for him, etc.).

Set up your own availability within the platform.

BigDot - postavke cijene i dostupnosti

Billing in one click

A simple and innovative one-click billing solution takes your billing operations to the next level. We offer transparent business operations and sincere communication.

* Patients confirm the amount you have defined before the online consultation. Funds are reserved until the request is processed.

* By scheduling an appointment for a face-to-face visit, diagnostic examination (such as a CT or an MRI), or an online consultation, the patient has to accept the amount you have defined. Funds remain reserved until the service is completed.

BigDot - price and availability configuration

Work analysis

Simple and logical graphical reports allow easy monitoring of work and quick identification of opportunities for improvement.

BigDot - KPI and performance graph

E - documents

BigDot integrates with existing software solutions. Secure communication with the patient is enabled at all times. You can quickly share electronic documents and update them to be immediately visible in the patient’s app.

BigDot - e documents

A self-scheduling feature for patients

A patient can self-schedule a face-to-face visit at the doctor's office, a video consultation, or a diagnostic examination. When confirming the appointment, BigDot immediately reserves the patient's funds to protect the practice from a financial loss in case of cancellation. Avoid unnecessary phone calls for appointment bookings as well as financial losses in case of appointment cancellations.

BigDot - A patient self-scheduling

BigDot & IoT

BigDot additionally enables the structuring of data coming from multiple sources, such as Garmin, Fitbit and Oura.

Safety first

Security is at bank level, and we provide 24/7 supervision. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We have detailed recording and auditing.

Based on strict physical and technical policies and procedures of the server, we offer secure communication.

BigDot - sigurnost podataka


Do you want to offer more to your patients?

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Do you have some additional questions?

BigDot Saas CRM telehealth is a cloud solution for clinics, polyclinics, hospitals, and health systems, but also professional organizations that want to introduce medical consulting into their businesses (such as hotels or veterinary practices).

The platform is safe to use, with all data encrypted both at rest and in transit. Security is at bank level and the data is monitored 24 hours a day.

Yes. You can change the prices of consultations (videos, calls, and messages), subscription models, and service packages at any time in the admin console. You can create subscription models and service packages according to your own way of doing business.

Other frequently asked questions